• Advisory


    The Advisory division offers multiple services, tailored to the specific needs of clients, to supporting investment, enhancement and property management activities. REAAS proposes itself as a specialised and independent advisor, able to identify potentialities and criticalities from a technical point of view and suggest to the investor suitable strategies for risk mitigation and for the protection of legal responsibilities.

    The investment analysis includes the following technical Due Diligence (DD) services:

    • Purchase DD (pre-acquisition)
    • Management (post-acquisition)
    • Vendor DD (disposal)
    • Technical DD (Business Plan)

  • Environmental


    REAAS, a leader in environmental issues, is able to assist the client from the first stage of the technical due diligence to the management/supervision of remediation activities. Most of the remediation projects involving the most important players in the real estate sector are directly followed by REAAS.

    Specifically, the services that REAAS offers in the environmental field include:
    • Phase I and Phase II Due Diligence (mapping and census/characterization)
    • Preliminary Environmental Assessment
    • Procurement support, tender preparation and tender management
    • Planning of remediation
    • Project Management, Works Management
    • Health and Safety according to Legislative Decree 81/2008
    • Professionals with asbestos management license
    • Waste characterization and management
    • Intermediation of responsibility
    • Certification of the service rendered
    • Disposal of industrial plants
  • Systems analysis

    Systems analysis

    Through a targeted technical systems analysis REAAS verifies the actual condition of the systems serving the assets, the relative residual life and the capex needed for regulatory compliance and maintenance.

    The activities include:
    • Due Diligence and verification of the normative conformity of the building's systems (electrical, mechanical, lifting, security and special systems, fire prevention systems)
    • Document analysis (maintenance contracts, macro-procedures analysis, verification of contractual deadlines)
    • Due Diligence and assessment of systems resilience (definition of capex specific maintenance technicians and 5-year intervention business plan)
  • Project monitoring & management

    Project monitoring & management

    Efficient management of projects related to developments, renovations or remediation, aimed at minimising the risk associated with investing and protecting the client's interests, mainly through the following activities:

    • Management and coordination of the project team during the whole development
    • Evaluation of the feasibility of the project
    • In-depth analysis of all aspects of the project focused on the adoption of Value Engineering and Constructability Review techniques.
    • Preventive analysis of the technical risk of the project, identification of the appropriate insurance coverage associated with the monitoring and technical control during the execution of the works
    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Planning and control of activities
    • Support in the management of the punch list
    • Monitoring of works during the design and construction phase
  • Building technical management

    Building technical management

    In complex activities, such as the management of real estate assets, it is essential to correctly interpret the needs of the client, developing ad hoc complex organisational and work processes. REAAS is proposed as an "operative arm" of the investor: the services are built and customised according to the client’s needs.

    REAAS makes this capacity a great strength.
    • Technical Due Diligence.
    • Capex control and analysis activity
    • Supervision and verification of extraordinary maintenance
    • Preliminary and executive design of large-scale interventions (extensions, external refurbishment, stand-alone interventions).
    • Valorisation of assets under management
    • Timed reporting
    • Pilotage and Watch-Dog
    • Management and updating of the Data Room and of the technical documentation



REAAS offers transversal services related to each stage of real estate investment thanks to consolidated knowledge in the real estate, insurance and financial sectors such as: advisory, due diligence, project monitoring, management, environmental, property management, systems engineering analysis.