Paolo Datti

Paolo Datti

In 2008 he co-founded REAAS S.p.A. of which he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

He deals with the management of corporate organisation and finance, the implementation of business strategies and expansion, and supervision of core activities.

With an economic /financial background, he founded the company with the aim of creating a dialogue between the financial world and the real estate sector, acquiring the skills of the outgoing management from specialised multinationals.

He graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University with a specialisation in finance and markets.

In 1998 he joined the consulting sector at Coopers&Lybrand (later PWC) as auditor and budget certifier in the financial sector, and then became a financial analyst at Eurco SpA-Piazza Affari SIM SpA, over the years taking on the role of Head of Planning and Organization, and resources’ management.

He started the entrepreneurial activity in 2006 by acquiring a majority of a financial company pursuant to art. 106 operating in the NPL sector, the consultancy activity continues independently in the Asset Allocation area for high individuals, M & A and Corporate Finance, lending from 2011 to a financial advisor who then evolved merging with a company listed on AIM and acquiring the majority of Advance SIM.