Target, Vision & Mission

  • Core Business

    Core Business

    REAAS, a leading advisory company in the real estate sector, provides technical advisory services on individual properties and / or entire portfolios predominantly to institutional clients with the aim of identifying potentialities and criticalities of each investment and so mitigating risks. For over ten years, REAAS has been operating in Italy through the Milan (headquarters) and Rome offices, flanked by the London and Lisbon offices. REAAS is structured to provide its clients with technical support for all types of real estate transactions: acquisitions (asset deal / share deal), financing, asset management, value-added projects for development / upgrading. Technical consultancy activities concern assets and portfolios with directional, commercial, industrial / logistics, hospitality, healthcare, residential, etc., as well as specific infrastructures.

    REAAS services include the activities of:
    • Technical Advisory and Due Diligence
    • Consulting in the environmental field (leading company) and systems engineering
    • Service platform for the technical management of buildings
    • Project monitoring & management

    Our clients
  • Target


    REAAS is structured in two main autonomous and complementary divisions that address the needs of their clients, such as: Banking Institutions, Real Estate SGR, Leasing Companies, Property Management Companies, Public and Private Institutional Investors, Industrial, Commercial, Hotel and Insurance Groups. The purpose is to support the management, optimisation and enhancement of their assets through the stipulation of multi-year contracts and framework agreements studied ad hoc with a chain of integrated skills able to cover all the needs of the individual client.

  • Vision


    REAAS is a company operating in the real estate sector with a long-term vision, adopting flexible models capable of responding to changing and competitive market requirements, while keeping the three "key" visions unchanged:

    Every business strategy needs to generate value thanks to the distinctive skills and professionalism, characteristics that distinguish all the activities carried out by REAAS

    Business orientation
    Allow clients to channel energies, skills and resources in their core-business, supporting them in the management of assets in the portfolio, in resolving critical issues and protecting them, where possible, on legal responsibilities ensuring maximum peace of mind

    Provide clients with a lean, flexible structure and organisation of support avoiding burdens and rigidity in operational logics that expose incremental risks due to costs not budgeted

  • Mission


    REAAS aims to be a symbol of quality and professionalism by offering an integrated service of active, dynamic, timely and complete management of the real estate assets to its private and institutional clients. It is a reliable and safe reference partner for the enhancement, regularisation and complete management of real estate assets. So, it is able to guarantee results through the organisation and management of all processes, from technical assessment and verification of the criticality of real estate assets, to the adjustment of the asset according to current industry regulations in order to optimise the management process that may produce an increase in their value and profit.. The four cornerstones of the Mission are:

    Our organisational skills, our highly qualified staff, our passion, our commitment and the twenty-year experience in solutions aimed at better management of real estate assets in Real Estate make REAAS the ideal partner to entrust the management of buildings and real estate assets.

    All our services meet the highest quality standards in the sector guaranteeing the client efficiency, timeliness and punctuality of the service offered, identifying and following the most advantageous way to maximise profit and/or reduce costs

    Adoption of a single business model, which allows us to propose to the most esteemed national and international investors and operators, as a valid interlocutor to whom we can entrust the control of our investments

    Flexibility and customisation of services in relation to the specific needs of the client